Digital Matrix understands that a business partnership, especially for those in OEM manufacturing, relies heavily on communication and urgency when dealing with client concerns.

Any mistakes can lead to exponential cost including possible negative connotations becoming associated with your brand image. This is why Digital Matrix takes support so seriously and pledges the following for each client:

Customer/Client Support and Availability

  • A support number available 24 hours a day: 1-415-366-6478
  • Through the support number or with direct contact information, access to a support agent or account manager who can help
  • Emergency paging for serious, urgent problems
  • A complete understanding of your requirements to ensure fast issue resolution
  • A technical support email address to submit inquiries by email:
  • Comprehensive testing and re-drafting of test plans every time we find a gap
  • A post mortem assessment of your support call that includes a description of the problem, the timeline of events, and the resolution

As part of our support, we also believe it’s crucial to:

  • Understand the lessons learned from our support calls to make the products better and testing more complete
  • Consider the cost and importance of another quick release if the original design is really not working with the end users
  • To keep a knowledge base so that subsequent support and product releases take advantage of previous experience
  • Work off the gut sense of the market and try to convey that to our clients in our regular communications

It is also our belief at Digital Matrix that a key component to supporting a company is to always innovate. We want to make sure we have the next important product at hand and ready to excite the market the second consumers are ready for it. We want our clients to feel like they are sitting on the cutting edge because their OEM solutions provider exhibits a high level of product intelligence. You should be introduced to the latest solutions that are better in quality and easy to sell.

We pledge to visit, re-visit, think, and re-think products and future roadmaps so that you have the best components available. Without your feedback, progress and innovations for the future of HDMI is impossible, so let's work together.

The best way to reduce calls from your customers and the subsequent calls from our customers is to focus on two areas with special interest – design and testing.

A good design keeps users happy and keeps them off the phone where they rely on you to fix a gap in product capability. Solid testing is important for covering possible user scenarios and ensuring a good product experience.