Full service OEM provider
Digital Matrix is a full service OEM provider that offers manufacturing and process management solutions for a very diverse customer base. Founded many years ago on the principal of being the bridge that connects companies with innovative ideas and a great marketing strategy to a reliable and consistent product source, we have grown to become one of the most well known OEM providers in the US for HD devices. Leveraging our contacts and partners worldwide, Digital Matrix has built a secure and dependable infrastructure for delivering exactly to customer specifications.

Fresh and innovative new products
Our factories are always turning out fresh and innovative products to electrify the market. When new products emerge from the assembly line, quality assurance technicians ensure that the products meet the design specifications and are a cut above acceptable component standards for the market. Products will be tested at both of our facilities in China and in the United States within Silicon Valley.

Intelligent HDMI solutions
With a commitment to providing our customers with intelligent HDMI solutions, our mission is to grow with technology while ensuring it’s readily available at the right price to all of our clients. Digital Matrix provides its customers with the most advanced products on the market backed by years of industry experience and quality service.

With a keen eye on the future, our growth and expansion will be based on ever evolving processing methods and vertical integration resulting in better efficiency and lower cost. Leveraging our background in this industry, the latest technologies, and a team of experienced talent, we can make your products stand out with quality that doesn’t give out.

• Advice from a veteran in the industry
• Efficient processes that are well tested
• Forming relationships that are long lasting and collaborative
• Avoiding the most common and costly mistakes
• Managing Your Own OEM Implementation

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